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Mads Anker Højlund

Multidisciplinary Design Entrepreneur




Boundary Spanning

Digital Design Business Development

Digital Design Management

Design Process Facilitator

Design Workshop & Education

Digital Event Manager

Specializing in

Start-up design projects

User guided digital & industrial design

Design process optimization




As a Multidisciplinary Design Entrepreneur I have a passion for user driven design solutions, especially in the digital area. I observe how the digital evolution is heading in one direction and the needs from people, especially the younger generation go in other directions. I survey how digital media and social business tools affect how we meet, how we get to know each other and how we work together.

I don’t believe in today’s traditional approach to how we start up new digital projects, designing professional tools to help facilitate daily life for employees in the private and public sector.

I believe in initial and preliminary studies at a larger scale before a financial decision is made, and I believe in a multidisciplinary profile to design the future solutions.

The traditional way of approaching a problem or a challenge based on a typical hierarchical structure, in my opinion, is a long and financially heavy economic solution.

We share information and interact in a way the world has never seen. We are witnessing the most interesting evolution/revolution in history. Learning how to fly or discovering electricity is nothing compared to what is going to happen in the near future. Things will change dramatically during the next 25 years.

In the future we will be spending the majority of time and financing on designing and developing solutions, and a minimum of time on production, maintenance and repair.
 This is the only way to achieve personal and financial success in the future.

Human interaction and social values will always be more important than digital gadgets.



Mads Anker Højlund


+45 40405253